Our Profile

Society for the Aged Ghana (SOFA Ghana) is a nongovernmental, nondenominational and non-profit making organization established in 2003 to promote the well-being of older persons in society/Ghana. It is well recognized in Kumasi, Ashanti Region Ghana.

Our Vision

To advance the interest and welfare of older persons in Ghana regardless of sex, creed and color.

Get Involved

Society for the Aged Ghana (SOFA Ghana) derives its funding from fund raising activities and kind donations from individuals and organization. You can also help.

Our programs and activities

In line with our mission and objectives, we undertake programs in health care, awareness creation, counselling among others to help the aged in society.

Our Objectives

  1. To create public awareness on ageing issues and the problems facing older persons.
  2. To initiate and assist organizations working with and for older person in society to develop appropriate community-based services for them.
  3. To assist in the initiation and development, through research and advocacy of pragmatic policies and services for older person.
  4. To associate with the promotion of friendship and unity among members.
  5. To aid and support members in case of misfortunes. The society shall not be for attending funerals, weddings, etc. However, if a member dies, the group will meet to decide on what to do.
  6. To convene periodic meeting at which problems confronting or facing members could be discussed with the view to finding solutions to them.

Contact us

We will love to hear from you. Contact us today let's partner to advance the interest and welfare of older persons in Ghana.